What is your Story?

We are all on a journey to live more sustainably. Some of us are taking our first steps – some are further down the track, either way your contribution is important.

We want to celebrate the big and small steps that chefs and restaurants are taking to live more sustainably. 

This year’s Sustain challenge lets chefs creatively demonstrate their personal sustainability journey. The theme is holistic and inclusive, considering sustainability in all aspects of restaurant practices.

  • How do you ensure you use resources responsibly?
  • Do you make ethical purchasing decisions throughout your supply chain?
  • How do you minimise waste in your restaurant?
  • Do you prioritise sourcing local ingredients that support your community?
  • How do you invest in the future of the hospitality workforce?
  • Who are you collaborating with to implement your sustainability goals?
  • What inspires you to make a conscious effort in your sustainability journey?

Share your sustainability story and create an Ōra King dish to communicate this.


Our Sustainable Chefs